Monday, July 26, 2010

Happy #1 Spiritual Birthday Bubs

A year ago today, Bubs declared to his Daddy that he wanted to ask Jesus to come live in His heart. He realized that he makes bad choices and needed Jesus to forgive him and help him live a life that would please Jesus. He proudly told many friends and family about his decision.

These past 365 days haven't been filled with perfection. Just like his parents, Bubs makes mistakes as a child of God. But he now is forgiven and has the help of the Holy Spirit. Little things have come up in his conversations to show that God is moving in our little man. We couldn't be more proud.

Last night, after going to bed, Bubs came into the living room and proudly exclaimed "I talked to God." With a huge smile he said, "I told Him that He is awesome and my best friend." We asked if he know what God thought of that. We said that God had a huge smile on His face because He loves His child.

Today we will celebrate Bubs' spiritual birthday. I learned a few things from the amazing pastor's wife that I had growing up.  Each year on my spiritual birthday, she sent me a card with a verse for the year.  Grandma has continued this amazing example with Bubs.  We as a family will celebrate this day as well by doing something special.   
What greater day is there to celebrate than the day that a child comes home to the foot of the cross?

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  1. Love that! Thank you, I was able to use that for my son today- it was just what I wanted to help him remember this special day. Praise God!


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